Day 17 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I don't know what else

I like cloth napkins. They are durable and they get more foody goo off my hands than paper ones. They are easy to make and allow me the opportunity to express myself better than pressed paper fibers. And I can make the napkins really big to cover the vast acreage that needs covering when I eat.
My napkin basket is in on the festivity of the Halloween season. I have pumpkin napkins, trick-or-treat napkins (which you can't see very well in this picture) and if I'm feeling a bit more grown-up than usual, I have the "plain" autumn leaf napkins in the back.

I learned last night while at the craft store with Hayley that I need to NOT take Hayley to craft stores. She wanted everything. She loves creating art, so being in a large room full of paint, wood, doodads, felt, how-to books, foam sheet stickers, etc. was heaven for her. She saw glow-in-the-dark yarn and she turned on the puppy-dog eyes full bore. "It's on SALE, mom!" Anyone know of an easy knitting pattern that could possibly involve glow-in-the-dark yarn?


Karie said…
A scarf with alien heads on it?...
I kid, I kid.

Anyway, at and, they have free craft instructions, which includes teen/kid level crafts. They cover a variety of craft-making methods, including knitting and crocheting. Or you could try for inspiration. Or Veritable goldmines for free patterns, those places are. But if they don't work out for you, there's always

Nope, I don't spend my free web time surfing for MORE crafts to do. Not me. Not at all.
Yeah, I wish I'd seen the glow in the dark yarn last year when I started on Matt's scarf.

Thank you for the suggestions. And now my mom wants some glow-in-the-dark yarn too.
froggybaby said…
I want GITD yarn. I have GITD nail polish!!
Want me to get you some?
Jen said…
I advocate fabric napkins. In fact, I really like the ones Sara has made me in the past.