Day 11 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I'm up too early on a Saturday morning

Lego bricks. Yes, they have a kit to make these two pumpkins. Yes, I had to have it when I saw it in the Lego catalog. Yes, I buy Legos for myself. Yes, I am a sucker for anything that moderately resembles a pumpkin.

Cubey, on the left, is a VERY DIFFICULT Lego construction. Even my master Lego builders (Paul and Matt) throw their hands up in frustration with Cubey. So I "have to" put him together "myself." It takes a while and some of the pieces tend to fall off until he's about halfway built. Flat Stanley, on the right, is pretty easy. Playing with Legos is a kind of zen activity for me (pretend I know what I mean when I say "zen"), it's calming and I can focus on just the one matter at hand without getting all ADD and doing ten things at once. So my cure for the inability to focus is simple: play with Legos (or Lego bricks if you are a stickler for the nonstandard, yet correct, usage)

It's not weird that I have named my Halloween decorations. Right? Right.

Matt's birthday is coming up. I mention this mostly for my own benefit. I have to remember to do a few things before Tuesday (Matt's birthday, which will be a super busy day, thanks to Paul who has a doctor's appointment for his occasionally sore back and he has a CC meet in Shako which I totally want to go to). My baby is going to be TEN. My last child. My little bundle of chatter. The huggiest nine slash ten year old boy in the Upper Midwest.


Jen said…
The pumpkins are way cute. My girls would love them. However, if I had to put them together each year, then Cubey and Flat Stanley would probably remain in the basement every 5 years or so.

I, too, can't believe your "baby" is gonna be 10. Wow! I still have a picture of Mike and me each holding a baby Matt and baby Sophie. We both look so awkward;)