Day 5 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature

Yawn! I can't get back to sleep. Fortunately, it's not 3 a.m. It's 7:40 a.m., so I'm usually up at this time during the week. And yay, it's church-on-tv day (aka General Conference)!

The decoration of the day is my collection of 8 Halloween magnets.
I bought them last year at the Whole Foods in Portland. I was with Jerilyn and Will that day. Jim elected not to come to the PNW Sniderboard lunch gathering, even though he was invited and would have been more than tolerated. So I went by myself and met my best friend on the internet. Wow, that was a year ago! During that trip, I went to the lunch gathering, Jim and I drove to Idaho to visit his mom and Larry, and we visited with Doug and Stacey in Washington--it was a busy trip! And now, nearly a year later, Katie is visiting with Doug and Stacey because D&S's daughter is Katie's bestest friend from when she was 3, Lauren, is getting married and Katie is one of the bridesmaids.

I haven't asked Jimmy how Homecoming was because I was asleep when he got home. So I'll have to report on that later. And Paul was at a church broadcast and I was even asleep when he got home (although he went out to a late dinner afterwards with friends). I was asleep when Jim got home too. The couch is too comfortable sometimes...


froggybaby said…
I was asleep when Travis got home, too. He went to Dairy Queen afterwards. Very nice magnets!!
Jen said…
Oooh, I like those magnets. Of course, I'm a fan of marble magnets and have quite a collection on my fridge. The girls like to steal them, and I will frequently find them among their toys.

How fun that you got to see some internet buddies. Were you nervous? I finally did that this summer with some online, photography friends, and I was a nervous wreck because I realized I had no idea what they would be expecting me be like and look like.
Katie said…
I am the M of H, mother.
WhatEVer. You still haven't sent me a picture of your dress, you know.
Jerilyn said…
How funny! I saw the photo before reading the post and thought "I remember when and where she got those magnets!"

What a great day that was. I wish we could repeat it, minus the part where I fall asleep and snore in the OmniMax theater, of course.