Day 25 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and yes it's a little late in coming today

I have a good excuse (not that I need one. I can post or not post whenever I want, right?) I was busy making Christmas decorations at church all morning. It was Super Saturday and I spent several hours making mixes in a jar to give to neighbors (or to keep for myself) and painting wooden blocks and sitting around eating and making outraged faces at a friend who was telling me all about her woes. I'm good at making indignantly outrage faces and saying, "That is just not right!" and "How can they do that?" and "pfffft! Away with them!" Well, not actually that last one, although I'd LIKE to say it. Wouldn't that cause a weird look or two! As would "A pox on their foreheads, the mangy dogs!" And "May dragons roast their left feet with flames of red and orange, rendering them crippled!"

OK, enough of that nonsense. I know you want to see what other Halloween goodness I have lurking in the corners of my house. This I keep up through Thanksgiving.Notice the orange lights. I just love fall leaves! And this actually looks sort of elegant.

Jimmy is barely controlling his impatience with me being on the computer. Apparently he has some important Facebooking to do. So I must leave you and tend to some household chores.


Jen said…
Agreed very elegant decorations this day. I wish I had an opportunity to sit around crafting and complaining with some girlfriends. It's been so long.