Day 7 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I'm not bored with it yet.

Even though you may be.

May I present another duo, Jack and Cat.
My mother has even gotten into the game of giving me Halloween decorations for my birthday in December by giving me these two. I LOVE the zipper mouths on them.

I'll admit it--yesterday's post about painting was actually a pipedream. We haven't even bought the paint yet. BUT...the room is completely empty and the walls have been washed. It was a bigger job (isn't it always?) because in order to empty out all the food from the closet, Jim had to empty out the storage closet under the stairs and THAT was a big job. I didn't help because I went grocery shopping. Also Jim spent some time at the neighbors' fire damaged house putting fire damaged stuff in the dumpster. Jimmy also helped for a while too. Then Jim had to go to work and I had to have writer's block for my Creative Writing class so no more work was done in the sewing room.

Today I get painter's tape and the paint. Tonight we paint. Maybe.


Jen said…
I like those pillows. I wish I had a Jack and Cat. The zippers for mouths is genius; sometimes I wish my kids (or at least Annie) had zippers for mouths.

Looks like you made a lot of progress on the craft room yesterday.
froggybaby said…
LOVE the pillows. Love the zippers. I'm with Jen on the zipping mouths shut. Good luck on the painting and such. I have YW tonight and get to spend my time in service. It is nice to know that everyone else gives this much time. Actually, the other gal "can't make it" tonight. Lucky me. I grow weary. I'm actually in a "woe to me" mood with mom leaving and having my Monday class and all. But I do love Jack and Cat and I'm so not bored with your post because I have nothing up because we are doing our floors and we have furniture and books and stuff EVERYWHERE and nowhere for decor.