PSA--a very unfunny, sobering post

Our good neighbors just lost their house to fire today. Luckily, no one was hurt. The middle daughter was home at the time, but she got out immediately and went for help. The Lord was watching over her because she said that she didn't know why she opened the door to the garage but she did and she saw the smoke. When she realized that the fire was not something she was equipped to deal with, she got out with her dog and ran across the street to my next-door neighbor's house. Both Kathy (the next door neighbor) and I heard the crackling and the screaming and we went out to investigate. We stayed with the young lady until help arrived.

I can't begin to describe the horrific fire, and I don't really want to here on my blog.

I just wanted to post a public service announcement. I got this from the article in our local paper online about the fire.

"The two lessons to be learned from this fire are to get out of the home before calling 911 and that was done properly by the 18-year-old woman who was home at the time the fire started.

The other lesson is when discarding ashes from a fire pit or the chimney base of a wood-burning stove, discard the ashes into a metal container and let them sit for at least 72 hours."


froggybaby said…
Mom told me about this and I saw the picture on email. Wow. How crazy. We just don't think of these things happening in our nice, modern homes. What a horror to lose everything and to watch it all burn. I know you are probably still shaking. What a day for you. I know you must feel both useful to the girl and unuseful in being able to actually do anything. Thank heavens the fire didn't spread.
Jen said…
Oh, how awful for that family. Yes, we certainly take for granted our cushy homes and always think these things couldn't happen to us. Lately though I'm realizing we're not immune to adversity even as horrific as this.

I hope that this family is able to start over without too much trouble and sorrow.