Day 27 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and insomnia

I have many wall hangings for Halloween.
But I don't have as many as some people. So if I ever think that perhaps I go a little overboard for Halloween, I think to myself that there are several people I know that live in my area who craft and sew holiday dust-gatherers all year long and have WAY more stuff than I do. So I rationalize. I love the buttons on this wall hanging--the candy corn on the witch's hat and the spider climbing up her chin. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Jim and I have a problem. We fall asleep on the downstairs couch too often. The couch is too comfortable (although we have fallen asleep on less comfortable furniture so the problem is maybe not the couch). I usually wake up in the middle of the night and trudge upstairs to get into bed, but I tend to have a hard time going back to sleep. Such is the case today. I've been up since 3:30 and I finally gave up trying to sleep at four. I already cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen and I would have made some cheesecake but that would involve running the blender and I didn't want to wake anyone up before they actually had to get up. So I'm blogging. I think that when I'm done blogging (very soon) I will make some muffins for the early risers, although I'D RATHER BE ASLEEP.


Jake said…
You're not the only ones that fall asleep on the couch. Steph and I do a lot also. Last night was a lot of "wake-y" time for us, too. Kid issues, though. I think I fell asleep around ten pm and then was awoken by various kids and pets at least three times before 4:30 am. But then of course, we woke up late and had to rush to get out the door for school. Hope your day isn't too tire'y.

froggybaby said…
I have solved my insomnia by getting up at 4:45 daily. I fall asleep so fast and then have no trouble falling back asleep. It is when I don't work and I stay up late that I have trouble and also start dreaming that things are going really bad at work. I even fell asleep during choir practice yesterday. That was bad.
Mike said…
I have chosen this forum to recognize a special historical event. I was going to post this on other sisters (Jens) website but I thought that commenting on a "fresh" post would garner higher viewership. Floyd Cramer (October 27, 1933 – December 31, 1997
Happy Birthday Mr. Cramer, R.I.P
Concerned Citizen
Citizen! I should have known!

Yes, Happy birthday Fer Keemer, may you rest in peace, although judging by the one record album cover we had, I think perhaps your fingers are still twitching.
Jen said…
That witchy wall hanging looks very familiar. Unfortunately, I have not had the time or energy to pull out any decorations this year. I promise hat I will next year, and that wonderful wall hanging will be the #1 feature.