Day 18 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and more room switch

I'm not completely pumpkin-ated at Halloween; I do like other images. Cats, for instance. I've had this cat as long as I've had Statler and Waldorf. They were born on the same craft day in Oregon. I'm particularly proud of how well I painted the eyes. The whiskers, however, are too gray. I wanted a more whitish whisker that would stand out against the black. Live and learn, I guess. (winky emoticon goes here) I never know where to put the cat (mostly I never know where to put anything), so she has migrated around the house from year to year. This year she stands on one of the stereo speakers with Cubey and Flat Stanley (Stanley has since been transmogrified into a more Picasso-like interpretation of a pumpkin, courtesy of the fake child) and some plastic pumkin treat containers. Her younger brothers, Servo and Magic, ignore her but she is ever optimistic and pleasant of demeanor. She has had no name yet, so maybe another contest is in order. Suggestions? And mom can't win, since she won the GPS contest.

How about an update in the Great Room Switch? Have you been on pins and needles, waiting to hear if any more progress has been made in the room o' dots? There has, but mostly it is the progress of Hayley and Matt taking the blank canvas of the room and turning it into a Hieronymus Bosch-style Mess of Fantastic Proportions. Those stinkers. Hayley is a true artist, leaving disorder and detritus in her wake (and I say that in the most lovingly way possible).

Now the conundrum. How to fit all this......into a room half the size. (Can you spot the Hayley?)

There will be trash. There will be lots of trash. And there will probably be much arguing over the definition and classification of "trash." I fear the day.

On the up side of the room switch, the curtains look nice with the sloppily painted dots and Tartar Control wall. (smiley emoticon here)
Jim cuts some bed legs down to size. This is one heavy bed.
I wanted to help relocate the bed to the new digs, but couldn't lift it. We had to call in the big guns--Jimmy. I said I would just BORROW Jimmy's muscles, but Jimmy wouldn't lend them to me. He's so selfish.

The bed still needs to be painted a much more serene (and breath-freshening) color but at least it is now in situ. There is not much room in the room, which is why we left the bed kind of tall. Hayley can store rubbermaid tubs filled with her junk...uh, her art supplies...under the bed.


Jen said…
I like your kitty. She's friendly and cute. I'm not superstitious about black cats crossing my path. Wow, isn't it amazing how 2 little girls could accumulate so much junk? My 2 sweeties are on their way there. I can't imagine by the time they graduate.

About the bed, I think you should keep it the same color, it goes with the dots and give the room some pop. That's just my humble opinion though. I like the curtains. They are shiny. I adore shiny and sparkly things.
Too late. I've already painted half of it. And the room is too small to have anything "pop" in it. Sigh.
froggybaby said…
I'd name the cat Dorrie after the witch books we used to like.
But the cat was Gink, wasn't it? I LOVE the name Gink! And I want those Dorrie books.
froggybaby said…
I couldn't remember the name Gink. I like Gink. I led you to that name!! I found Dorrie books at one of the school libraries when I was first subbing. It was an old school and an old book!!