Day 6 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and hopefully we paint today

...but I might be dreaming of pipes (pipedreams...get it? ha.)

These two are old friends of mine. I met them WA-A-A-A-AY back when Jim and I first moved to Portland, Oregon. My lovely and dear friend, Stacey (whom Katie is currently visiting), invited me to craft day at church and we painted these pumpkins (and a cat, which might come up later). They are quite possibly the first Halloween decorations I ever had as an adult. Every year they sit on the window sill, greeting any and all who come to our door. They are happy fellows; they never complain about the mess in the house, they tell jokes to each other, and they laugh at the follies of the newer decorations. They are used to being manhandled by kids (kidhandled?) and have emerged unscathed in mind and body from beatings delivered by candy-addled children. They are the non-sarcastic Statler and Waldorf of the house.

Today Jim is taking the day off work to help me tackle this:
There are still a few things to haul out (and a closet full of boxed and canned food), walls to wash and a floor to vacuum, but we are so close to painting! Hayley picked out green for the wall color, nothing too dark. She would like blue polka dots on the lower half of the walls with ledges, but I don't know how well that will go over with Daddy. I would like it, but then I have multi-colored painted squares in my bathroom, so I don't know how good I am at room decor.

Two more pictures and if you ask me why I am posting pictures of a sleeping cat, my excuse is that niece Maddie likes cats and I'm posting these for her. Magic is cuddling with a stuffed donkey in the following photo:

Either Magic has a cold nose or the donkey cut the cheese and Magic is shielding his nose from the smell.(Jimmy is the one who placed the donkey next to the sleeping cat. Magic doesn't seem to mind)


froggybaby said…
Maddie appreciated the kitty pictures. There were "awwws" and "ohhhs." I also really like those pumpkins with the cut outs. Very decorative and stylish.
Jen said…
Don't you wish you could have ever optimistic pumpkins out all year?

I, too, said "awww" when I saw the picture of kitty with the donkey. You should submit those to