Day 29 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and Hayley and Matt carved pumpkins last night

I'm cheating today. I'm posting a picture of someone else's Halloween decoration. It's not that I don't have any more of my own decorations to feature (I do. I told you, I have LOTS), but I liked this so much.
I like the idea of perhaps having a child (namely my own) do something wacky to earn a treat. It would annoy the big boys to no end (like when I have them repeat after me--good fodder for a separate post) but they would do a trick if told to by the wheel only because they know I have the authority to enforce the wheel rules.

This objet d'arte du Halloween (forgive the probably wrong French spelling) was a trunk decoration at last Saturday's church trunk or treat party. I was too busy handing out candy to see if Cathy and Bruce actually made any of the kids spin the wheel, but I would have.

Last night Hayley and Matt (who was sick yesterday, threw up, but recuperated enough in time to do pumpkin duty) carved pumpkins. Paul chose to do homework instead and Jimmy was at work. It's a bit sad when the time-honored tradition of pumpkin carving is left behind by children growing up. This is the first year that not everyone has participated. Katie's gone, Jimmy works, and Paul has to do homework. Well, Matt and Hayley had fun. I copped out. My back and shoulder hurt so bad yesterday that carving would have been beyond my capabilities.

Instead of carving, I chose to make a box-mix-type cheesecake from SCRATCH. From powdered milk even. And it tastes just like the Jell-o instant no-bake cheesecake. I even made the graham cracker crust without a mix. I also made my own chicken stock last night too. So I was quite busy. Jim helped Hayley and Matt with the pumpkins. It was his first night at home in a long time and he enjoyed the time with the two younger kids, even if it meant wiping wet paint off of pumpkins. Hayley and Matt painted their pumpkins before carving and made a MESS.

Pictures of pumpkins will be posted tomorrow as part of the HDSF.


Jen said…
Oh, I want one of those spin the wheel kitties. So cute. I'm sorry to hear about Hayley and Matt being vomitory. We've got a bit of that here, too. Mimi screamed for me at 5:30 this morning, and I discovered and nice display all over her and the bed, pillow, and floor. It was such a nice wake-up call. So Mimi is at home with me today and not pleased about it in the bit. At least she's not missing her party on Friday; I hope she's better by then.
Jen said…
Just in case you don't check anytime soon:
Poppy said…
Hello, I am searching for the Halloween Decoration which says: Trick or Treat, C'mon and Spin the Wheel. Our family had one of these some years ago and I would like to purchase one. I checked ebay and didn't find anything. I believe I purchased it originally from Target. Could you check and see if your friend is willing to sell her decoration if she still has it. Many Thanks.