Day 23 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and Paul

I like playing with blocks.
These are new this year. I spent a fine morning painting blocks black and sanding them down to prep them for the vinyl letters. I stacked the blocks for space purposes in this picture, as opposed to lining all eleven blocks in a row, but it doesn't look too bad this way.

Paul's news is that he is running in the conference finals cross country race this afternoon (go Paul! Sadly I can't be there. I babysit until 5 which is when the starter gun goes off for his race) and also he auditioned for the top band at school and got second chair French Horn! Yes it's official. He first told me, "I heard from a kid that I made Wind Ensemble and he said I got 2nd chair." I said, "Well, didn't you check the list yourself?" "No." I made him check it himself to be sure. This is so not what I'm used to. Katie would practically glue herself to the band room wall until the seating for Wind Ensemble was posted. She couldn't WAIT to find out. Paul just ambles along through life, processing external stimuli to his brain in his own unique fashion, until someone tells him to do something and gives him step-by-step directions on how to do it, which he will follow to a T. And he does do things well.


Dennis said…
Way to go Paul. Outstanding. Good luck in your race. You must blow a mean horn.
froggybaby said…
I like how you stacked your blocks and I will use your example as my model! Here is some much needed excitement for Paul.
Jen said…
I love the trick or treat blocks, and I think the set up is perfect. Gives it a unique look.

Tell Paul way to go!