Special Feature Day 3 and I drove all last evening

My bit of Halloween cheer for you today is my sweet sweet Halloween purse. Believe it or not I have two--the other one might be featured later on. This purse was made by another friend of mine who gave it to me for my birthday (which is in December, but she knows I am a Halloween-aholic and that I would not find it inappropriate for a December birthday gift). I get so many compliments on both my pumpkin purses.
Last night I thought I was going to have to sleep in the car. I drove Jimmy to work at 3, drove Matt and Hayley (and fake child) to children's choir at 5:30, drove fake child home (took a wrong turn so ended up driving farther than I needed to), tried to drive home from fake child's house but all the streets that connect to Cty 42 from the south and west of Cty 5 WERE BARRICADED and afforded me NO ACCESS. I had to drive all the way BACK to Cty 5 and head home from there--an extra several miles. Then I dropped my two wee ones at home, went to get Jimmy from work, drove him straight to someone's Eagle scout project while he changed into a painting shirt in the car, and then drove home. Honestly, I do love my old decrepit van (which doesn't have the shakes anymore! Yay for a second new axle! and hopefully the tranny problem will either work itself out or conk while it's still under warranty) but I don't want to LIVE in it. I went home, had a conversation with Katie (she loves her job, cousin Lisa was hired too, she knows how to take bp readings, she's leaving for Washington to go to Lauren's wedding, yes, she has a ride to the airport, she took a future missionary out for dinner to celebrate his call to Ogden, and other things) and then I went to bed. Jim was working and had his own driving problems to attend to. He likes having Aunt Roady as a driving companion.

I like parentheses. Either that or I hate rewrites.

I also emptied out more of the sewing room, but I can't upload the pictures now because Jim plugged Aunt Roady into the computer to get the lastest map changes and I don't want to slow down that process, which has already taken ALL NIGHT.


Jen said…
Poor, Sara! I had to sleep in my van once when Mike and I were rushing to get from D.C. to here to close on our house. I wasn't keen on the idea, but we were only going to sleep for 3-4 hours. I only slept for about a half hour of that time, I swear. I would not recommend it.

That's great that Katie loves her job. Too bad we're already moved out of D.C. Otherwise, we'd have her stay with us or at least meet up with her if we could.
Oh, not Washington as in DC, Washington as in no sun from October to March and moss grows on roofs and Seattle and the Mariners and Seahawks. She's going to the state in the Pacific Northwest, but that's nice that you would be willing to put her up if you still lived there.
Micah & Sarah said…
Edited Image Thank goodness for photoshop.
Nice, Micah! Much better!