I've been tagged. At least I wasn't cuffed. Or given a wedgie.

So I was tagged by Bessie and I'm supposed to list 6 quirks. But how do I know if what I do is a quirk? Aren't quirks actions or behaviors that the quirkee thinks is normal but other people find different (maybe even annoying)? All's I'm sayin' is that my list of my own personal quirks might be quite different than what those around me would say are my quirks.

OK, so keep in mind I don't find these things that I do weird at all, I just find that the majority of other people don't do them.

1. Ruffle the pages of books I'm reading. I am told that this is weird and irritating. And it wrecks the book. Sorry, but I can't help it.

2. Playing with my wedding ring and engagement ring. I take them off and put them on other fingers (this is why I can't have my rings be tight on my fingers). Sometimes I put the wedding band on the tip of my nose. I get bored easily and my rings are my toys.

3. Do rituals count? Rituals like eating M & Ms in a certain order by color? Brown, then red, then blue, then green, then orange and finally yellow.

4. Another ritual: eating candy corn by chewing off the white part on all of them, then the orange part and then the yellow.

This is hard! Hmmmmmm.....I keep wanting to list pet peeves. I have LOTS of those. Like when people say "anywhos." I CAN'T STAND THAT. I want to slap the offender. If you are the person who says that ALL THE TIME to me, and you are just learning that now--keep in mind that I love you dearly--I HAVE TO CHOKE BACK THE BILE WHEN YOU SAY "ANYWHOS." And "man-naise." *shudder*

5. I have to reorder the dishes in the dishwasher after other people put the dishes in (children, I'm looking at you). There is a right way to loading the dishwasher, but unfortunately, some people do not know this, even after having been taught. Pet peeve? maybe.

6. I have to have something to read or a puzzle to do while I eat breakfast. I can't stand sitting at the table with nothing to do but shovel Cheerios in my mouth. And the back of the cereal box doesn't cut it for me anymore. (related quirk: reading the dictionary while in the bathroom when I was a kid)

Feel free to list (in the comments) quirks I might have missed. Although I might ignore you and pretend that I didn't read what you say if I don't agree that I exhibit the particular quirk or if I feel you've embarrassed me.

And I'm supposed to tag people. Jenni (yes, Jessie tagged you, but I'm just seconding the tag), Jen, and Dad, and any Stubblefields who want to participate. Jerilyn and Karie (um, do you have a blog?) you can play too if you want.


mastubz said…
Your uncle Bud says "Man-naise." Must be the Nebraska in him. After 37 years, I can't seem to get it all out of him. I think I finally have him broken of saying "counsel" for "console."
But you might want to seek professional counsel for your systematic eating of M&Ms and candy corn.
Jessie said…
oooh - the eating-food-in-a-certain-order is a good one! Though I don't do it with M&Ms or candy corn - I do it with pies and other stuff i cant think of now.
Karie said…
I do happen to have a blog, so I'll consider myself tagged. I might even send you the link. :D

I tend to eat my candy by color too, but not in a specific order. And not all the time. I guess it doesn't count as a quirk then, does it?
froggybaby said…
I totally eat my M&M in order. One time, we had pretty M&M's in New York and had gotten them at FAO Schwartz. Trav took a handful and popped them in his mouth. I had a heart attack. We bought him a bag of his own regular M&M's and he was not allowed to touch, nay look at, mine.
Isn't eating M&M's that way time consuming? It's going to take me forever to pare down my list of quircks to only 5. I think I have OCD.
Jen said…
Ha, some of those things I expect from you, others not so much. I can relate to your dishwasher loading woes. I'm always rearranging the madness that Mike causes in my dishwasher. I'll have to train my girls real good before I can relinquish that control.

I'm assuming I was the Jen you referred to, so I went through my list. Mike gave me the first 3 because I really, actually thought I was just a normal lady who does everything like everyone else. Guess not.
the one and only taterbean said…
Mother, I've seen you do all of those. That's funny. I even do the ruffling the page thing too...I started doing that a LONG time ago. I think my scriptures have had enough of it though. They don't feel good to ruffle anymore. I also eat candy corn like you do.
Oh man, I wish I was home to ask you to pass the Mannaise over and over again, good times.
Speaking of dishes, dont forget to let matt use the birthday plate tomorrow...;)

this isn't a quirk of yours I don't think...but you get on the computer for some reason or another atleast once an hour...for about 30 minutes at a time...ask Jimmy. He notices too. I think because he's always waiting to get on facebook.

I know who says "anywhos"...LOL.