Picture dump

First off, I have a story to tell. It won't be like my ghost story. This is just a plain old recounting of a particularly stupid cat problem, and my solution that doesn't involve getting rid of the cats.

I bought two decorative pillows at Target for incredibly cheap. They were 75% off. AND I had a 10% off coupon. The pillows were originally $25 a piece, and I got them for less than $6 each. I love them. Problem: they have tassels around the edge. You can't really see the tassels well in this picture, but you can in the next.
Here are the tassels. And you'll notice there is some uneven spacing. Guess why?That's right, Magic, the fatter and dumber of our two cats, likes to CHEW THE TASSELS OFF AND EAT THEM. And then he likes to vomit them up. I found a very large pile of cat bile mixed with pillow tassels on the floor this morning. Not wanting to see what I saw this morning anymore, I cut the tassels off both pillows. And you're very welcome in regards to NOT posting pictures of piles of kitty throw-up. I didn't much care for the tassels anyway. But if these ridiculous cats don't stop their destructive shenanigans, they just might be cut off themselves. Honestly, what is so appealing to the feline palate about pillow tassels? Was Magic thinking, "Oh YUM! These are DELICIOUS! I must have another one!"? I don't think so. He might have been thinking, "How can I annoy the crap out of the people? And how can I make whatever I do involve vomiting? Cuz they hate cat vomit."

On to more fun posting matters. Jimmy went to Homecoming. He had a hard time choosing which tie he should wear--he's got a rainbow of ties and is continually on the lookout for more to add to his collection. Seriously, he is a tie fiend. Guess what he's getting for Christmas?

In the end, he went with a classic black. It looks good with the red shirt. Smile, Jimmy! No? Ok then just stand still for a sec.

On the way to Senna's, we got into an argument over how to get to where she lives. I learned a lesson--always trust Aunt Roady (Jim brought her along even though I was driving). Jimmy's version of the directions: "Senna lives like if you go to Lakefront you turn left. Yeah, she lives back there." OK, at some point if you take a certain LONG WAY around Prior Lake, you WOULD take a left in front of Lakefront. And then you would still have another 3+ miles to go, including several key turns. Aunt Roady was patient and didn't yell when we didn't listen to her but quietly changed her directions and got us there finally.

Here he is with his date, Senna. They are going as "just friends."
And the group they are hanging out with. There were a few still to arrive at Senna's house, but Jim had to leave so we had to take pictures of who was there at the time. Autumn foliage today! (and a sign) (stupid road signs get in the way of good picture opportunities) (Don't tell anyone, but I took this picture while driving. Jim was too busy fiddling with Aunt Roady. I swear he likes her more than he likes me)Ah, I just found this picture from the summer on my phone. I was at Target (I'm always at Target) and this alien ship of a storm cloud was hovering over the store. Matt was with me and he was a little spooked, but he was also curious. Did you make it all the way to the end of this post? A thumbs-up from me if you did! And five points. Are you keeping track of your points?


froggybaby said…
What a handsome chap!! I'm glad he went to homecoming. I was hoping Morgan would go, but her group of friends from church decided to instead, go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night. It is a major deal and is supposed to be wicket scary. Anyway, Jimmy looks fabulous. The storm at Target looks like "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind." Wicket scary.
emaalyon said…
Crazy storm! I think it might even freak me out a little! Sorry about the new pillows. Never had a cat, but some of the dogs we've had would take underwear under the couch and chew out the crotch. We called it dog bite underwear, (that the boys would keep as spares in case they were low on undies). And Jimmy sure is a good lookin' kid.
Katie said…
Wow, Jimmy's date is gorgeous! Tell him, he done good in finding a date. Did he have a good time? Dating or just friends?...oh, I'll just ask him.

It's rained/sprinkled like everyday since I've been in Washington...
Ask him about it. They are just friends though. He didn't even know her last name until this weekend.
Jen said…
Wow, Jimmy is quite the striking teenager. It sill amazes me how old your kids are. You know, I stlll remember when we stayed the night at your place and watched your kids for the weekend (a totally frightening experience to me at the time), and Jimmy asked Mike why he had "Mickey Mouse ears" on his head (he was referring to Mike's receding hairline). I laughed so hard, but I think it embarrassed Jimmy.

And, what a naughty kitty you have! Now that Lily is an old hag, I'm constantly finding her little piles of vomit all over the house. Fortunately, so far in this new house she is containing the puke on the concrete floor in the basement. It used to be that she would make sure to hork on carpeted areas:< I can't give her canned food anymore because she will vomit it right back up.