Halloween update

Did all the little ghosts, ghouls, princesses, and pirates have fun tonight? I didn't think that many kids came around, but near the end of the night I thought that perhaps I did get a lot because I was afraid I was going to run out of candy. We had several very large groups of kids come through. Not a lot of kids younger than Matt though.

Here is the lump of dirt with his good friend, Pirate. Pirate lives in a neighborhood of four houses. Knowing this, I invited Pirate to come to our neck of the woods where he had a much larger pool of candy-giving houses. And Pirate and Lump of Dirt and Kitty Cat are all very good friends, and have been since they were all very little.
Also please note that you can see the prize I won from Bessie hanging on my Halloween tree on the piano. It's the big pumpkin. Very festive!

Here we have Kitty Cat, Zombie, Kimono girl and Black Dress girl. It's hard to believe the giggling and make-up-ing and spraying of hair-ing is not Katie, but Kitty Cat. Kitty Cat sure has grown up a lot since she went to middle school.
I offer a close up of my daddy longleg masterpiece, drawn in brown eyeliner on Matt's forehead. Also note the ant on his nose, and the nematode to the left of the nose.
Here we have the ladybug rendered in fingernail polish and black eyeliner and the centipede done in black eyeliner.

Jimmy and his friends finally meet up and are heading out the door at 9 p.m. Good luck getting any candy. I made Jimmy wear a shirt. He was going to go without. Dumbhead teenager. In case you can't tell, he's going as a beach bum, complete with Diego pail and shovel (Diego is Dora the Explorer's friend? Cousin? Map supplier? Jake, inform me please. I know you know all about Diego). Sadly, he has Diego's face turned inward so you can't see it.

No pictures of Paul. He left early for a bonfire and will be there 'til late.

I don't know what I'll do without the Halloween Decoration Special Feature. I'm sad it's all over. I had lots more to share--including some of sister Jen's sewing machine magic and the Halloween tree. I guess they will have to wait until next year.

Want to know what the scariest part of Halloween was? The cleaning up of sprayed-on hair color. Hayley's black hair took three washes to get out and it still stained her shirt. I had to help out with the last washing. Her hair is probably still staining the towel.

And then there is this left for me. The previous owner of the green has gone to bed.Trick or treat indeed. I see the trick, but where's my treat?


froggybaby said…
Such great pictures. I had to search to find Jimmy. I looked over the picture a few times just to realize that he was the beach bum. Great pictures of all, except Paul. Hayley does look older and more sophistocated these days.
Jake said…
We went over to Ma's neighborhood for tricks and treats. Dylan has a classmate that lives in Arone's house (I don't even think they're related to the Arones, I wonder if the Arones even know they're there). Speaking of old neighborhoods and such, I had a conversation with one Thomasina Shoenecker (sp?). Her daughter Aidan is in Dylan's class. Wouldn't have figured it out if it wasn't for the school directory coming out last week. Aidan goes by a different last name, apparently Tommie kept her last name intact. I went to Dylan's Halloween party and I thought I'd keep an eye out for her and when she walked in I thought, "yep, that's a Shoenecker." We briefly spoke and I won't go way into specifics, but she was glad I said Hello, she axed about you & Jen and I told her basics, where you live how many of your kids have moved out and that type of thing. Jen, if you read this, I told her that none of your kids have moved out yet. JK. Tommie said her oldest sibling is 55 yrs old. We're all getting old, 'tis weird. Thought you might want to know.

Wow, now that's a blast from the past! Does she have just the one child?