Still day 3 of my Halloween Decoration feature and *gulp* I entered a contest

I read blogs. I like blogs, and I like blogging. One of the blogs I read (and have on my Google homepage) is Scribbit. She lives in Alaska. Every month she encourages bloggers to write on a theme she picks and enter a contest (complete with a prize! Good prizes, not like the ones I've sent...scraps of fabric from my sewing room floor and an old pair of prescription sunglasses). I have entered one of her Write-Away contests! The theme is "Ghosts" and I entered my short story "The Ghost in the Keyboard," which I blogged last month. The winner will be announced on Oct 24 (deadline is the 22nd, in case any of you bloggers want to get in on the contest action--I won't name names, but I know a few of you who should enter).

I can't wait to read the other entries for this contest!

OK, I have to feature another Halloween decoration since I mentioned it in my blog title. I painted them today at a craft group, so they are the NEWEST members of the Shoebox Princess Halloween Decoration collection!

I also cleaned out another shelf from the sewing room. And the sewing machine is visiting a friend for two weeks.


Jen said…
Oooh, good luck on your contest!! I will send lucky vibes your way. I've entered a few blog contests, usually just random selections with no writing involved, but have never won and probably never will:(

I think your keyboard ghost is a definite shoe-in for the grand prize.
froggybaby said…
looks like you had a productive day. I hope to be productive tomorrow. good luck on your contest
Karie said…
Ooh! Perfect story for a contest, I think. Good luck, GAF!