Day 31 of the HDSF must feature pumpkins and costumes.

All three carvers went for the classic face design, each with their own interpretation.

Paul's, on the far left, is a winking teenager pumpkin saying, "heh." (Really. That is Paul's own wordage. "heh." ) Hayley (center) did hers in anime style. It's sort of a Picasso-y anime because you can't really tell where the features are unless you stare at if for a long time. Matt went for the evil robot pumpkin look.

Here they are, all lit up with their festive orange glow.
Today (I'm typing this up a day early. I typed it on the 30th, it posts and you read it on the 31st), Oct 30th at 3:15, Jimmy asked me what he should be for Halloween. A little LATE, don't you think??? My willingness to help with costume ideas and preparation fades to practically nil after the 21st. And I know Jimmy; any suggestion I make will be treated like a dirty diaper.

Hayley knew she wanted to be a cat. It's simple, it's Halloweenish, it's classic, it's cute. (Is it me or is Hayley adopting the posing style of her big sister? Photoshop out Hayley's head and slap Katie's noggin on there and I'll bet you couldn't tell that it wasn't Katie's body in the first place).
Matt decided he wanted to be dirt. It's a little bit more conceptual, but I think we made it work. Green spiky hair for grass, throw in a leaf or three, add some insects and arachnids to his face and shirt and you have a nice patch of lawn. He really dug the green hair thing.

The above photos were taken at the children's choir Halloween party. Here are the kids just after singing a short song called "Trolls" for the parents.
The plan for trick-or-treating is for friends to come over and Hayley and Matt go in a big group. Jim works, Jimmy--I don't know what he has planned, Paul is going to a bonfire at a friends. I'm handing out candy and reading.


Jake said…
I will be attending Dylan's class as Darth Vader w/o the helmet (school policy, no masks). I will be escorted by Yoda, played by Maya and Dylan is going as Jengo fett (sp?) the bounty hunter. Matt's idea for his costume is very good. Hayley makes a great cat. I remember 8th or 9th grade when Chris Fischbach and I still went out trick or treating and I used Jen's skipperette outfit (it fit well if I recall). A little loose up top maybe. Chris went as Ed Grimsley from the old SNL's. I think that was my last time. Have fun kids.
Jessie said…
Hayley looks so pretty!!! She's looking like quite the lady these days! And Matt's costume is way cool! When you first mentioned that he was going as grass, I had my doubts - but I can totally tell that he's grass! Conceptual costumes can certainly be tricky (in the third grade, I wanted to be a "Court Jester" - Aunt Laurie was kind enough to mail us a clown costume of hers, but I was so dismayed when everyone labeled me as a CLOWN) - but Matt's turned out great!
Jessie said…
*sorry - I meant "dirt" - Matt is totally dirt!
No worries, Matt would answer to either grass or dirt.

Jake, the Star Wars theme will never get old.

I remember when you did the Skipperette thing, or at least I remember seeing pictures of it. Jim was amazed that that was you. Didn't you wear mom's wig for that too?