Day 28 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and the room is getting cleaner

Sister Jen is amazing with the quilt skills, yes? I love how she adds a touch of purple to the Halloween decorations she makes. This was a 40th birthday present. I love candy corn.

I don't have much to write today. Matt is sick again--head and stomach aches.

The former girls' room is getting cleaner. It will likely be ready for major overhaul soon. The plan is to put a floating wood floor in here to lessen the allergy problem of carpeting for the boys. Matt and Jimmy are continually stuffed up. We will also be painting the walls tan. My goal is to start to paint on Friday. The floor is going to take months I'm sure because Jim is rarely home for more than 30 minutes at a time and I am a wuss at projects of that magnitude. I just noticed that the old sewing room clock has migrated to this room. It never made it into the garage with all the other sewing room stuff. The pink box on the right has some of Katie's keepable stuff in it and the pink box on the left has some of Hayley's. The little blue box is also Hayley's stuff. The paint and newspaper in the middle is actually for a science assignment of Hayley's. She has to make a model of her room. So she painted the walls with the actual wall paint that we used in her room. She even put the blue dots on the model walls.

For SIL Jen: My high score on Cat Bowling is 95.


Jen said…
I love the candy corn quilt. Very cute. It's so appropriate since I know your devotion to the chewy treats during the Halloween season.
froggybaby said…
Purple happens to be a secondary Halloween color - it is official. Black and orange are the primary colors. Then yellow, green, and purple come in as secondary colors. Plus, I like it and it came with the pattern!! Progress on the room looks fabulous!
Jake said…
Sara, I got the new John Hodman book from Steph this week. It's called "More Information Than You Require". So far so good. Do you wantz book when Iz fineesh?
Yes, pleeeze. I likes to reedz ze book.

I wonder if he still makes appearances on the Daily Show with John Stewart. He was hilarious every time we saw him.