Day 19 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I got tagged by Courtney

This Halloween ornament reminds me of New Year's Day 2003. Jenni got it for me to commemorate our trip to visit the Smiths in Florida (and go to Disney World) the week when 2002 switched over to 2003. Why did she choose to commemorate New Year's with Pumpkin Mickey? Because I love pumpkins,DUH.
Some other pictures from that trip? Sorry. I wasn't digital back then and I'm not about to try to dig up all my old photos just to spend half an hour to scan them, then another 15 minutes editing and uploading and another HOUR to caption them. Neener. If you really want to see pictures of our trip to FL, come to my house and I'll get out the one and only scrapbook I ever did and you can see for yourself. Take all the time to peruse the album that you want. I will serve you dinner and lemonade, but you'll have to get yourself here and then back to your own house.

I was tagged by Courtney to go to my picture files, pick the fourth file and upload the fourth picture in that file, which is this:
I took this picture last spring on a walk. It's a sidewalk in a nearby park. It's also a reminder of what is to come very soon for those of us in snow country. Get out the scarves, mittens, hats and boots! And parkas. And shovels.

I now tag Elvis, Amelia Earhart, DB Cooper, and the Talberg house poltergeist. Heehee, no. Tag yourself. Jen H hasn't done it, Audrey, Bessie--you tagged me for one, now you can do this one, and I would tag Tag if Tag had a blog. (No, not really. I just wanted to say "tag Tag." And I do know someone named Tag. Or at least that is what some people call him.)


mastubz said…
I am tagging you for a different tag game. See my blog for instructions. I have enjoyed your Halloween Decoration Roll Call. I would like to see a pic of the whole house all decked out.
Jen said…
The Mickey Mouse pumpkin decoration is an appropriate gift from Jenni. I wish we could go to Disney World someday. As you already know though my husband is anti-Disney:( We'll convince him one of these days.

Now you tagged me for your picture thingy, but I'm confused as to how it works. My pictures are organized in folders by year (going back to 2005), then by month, then by the day in that particular month. So you tell me which folder I would pick: year 2008 since it's the 4th year folder, April since it's the 4th month folder, and then the 4th folder in there?, and finally the 4th picture in there...see it's just so confusing because I'm beyond just 4th picture in 4th folder. Can you tell how I anal I am about organizing my pictures?
Jen said…
Wait a second, I just looked and my fourth month folder in 2008 is technically January 2008 because it puts them alphabetically.