Day 24 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I'm ready for it to be the weekend

Sister Jen doesn't paint much anymore she says, but for a while, she did a lot of it. And I was lucky enough to be presented with a few things she painted. This, for example.I've had this for a long time (longer than I've had either Matt or Hayley) and every year it gets put out on my curio shelf. I remember when Hayley finally got the joke. She laughed herself silly for a good five minutes. She was probably 6 or 7. She tried to explain it to Matt, who wondered what was so funny. It took him another year or two to get it.

I just love the purplish blue guy behind the pumpkin.

Paul is now done with cross country for a year. No more after school practices (until track starts). He wanted to do a winter sport, but I am tired from picking him up at 5 every day and I need a break! His body also needs a break since his hip hasn't fully healed from a bicycle crash that happened even before the school year started. (He collided with Jimmy. Kids, don't listen to music with earplugs while riding a bike!) His hip hurt during the race yesterday and he didn't get as good a time as he wanted (19:06), but he has high hopes for next year.

I haven't written much about Jimmy. He is working too many hours for his liking, 25 hours a week, and he stays up late doing homework. But with the Christmas season coming on, I don't think he'll be getting less hours.


katie said…
What happened that made Jimmy and Paul crash into each other with their bikes? Just the ear phones? Sounds like something Jimmy would do.
So is the track season over?
Jimmy didn't do it, Paul did. He crashed into Jimmy. And he wasn't paying attention because he was listening to his mp3 player.

Yes cross country running season is over.
Jen said…
Tee, hee. That's a silly decoration. I like it. I'm sure Paul (as well as you) is relieved to get a break for a while. Tell him to stay active though. It's so easy to get out of shape. Trust me, I know.