My day just went from sunshine and candy-colored happiness to dismal grey and self-loathing.

What do you tell a visiting child (who is probably 6 or 7) who came in your house uninvited (tagged along with older sister and two older brothers, who themselves just basically walked into my house the minute I got home with Hayley and Matt on their day off school) and proceeded to walk through my house, saying "Why is your house so dirty?" and "Hayley's room is a big mess."?

And how do you shoo children out who just walked into your house and come from a household that operates under some very different parameters than I do?

Yes, my house is a mess. I get defensive about it, even when it is a child who points it out.


Jessie said…
You tell those kids that your home may be messy, but at least YOU're not UGLY! (I don't know if I'm going to make a very good parent...)

Boy, I'm mad FOR you! I'm sorry that those kids were so rude to you. And though your home may not be sparkling clean, take comfort that your children are MUCH better behaved - and that's what TRULY matters.

(perhaps my blog will cheer you up?)
Micah & Sarah said…
I would say, "Hasn't anyone ever taught you manners? First, don't come over if it's too messy and second, keep your opinion to yourself unless I ask for it." I would probably just say that in my head or I would say, "yeah, we're about to clean it up so unless you want to help get out."
Karie said…
I'm on board with the "I was just about to clean. Help out or get out."

And who cares? If it meets your cleanliness standards, then that's all that matters. Most of the time there are more important things to do than clean house anyway!
froggybaby said…
Who wants to clean when there are Halloween decorations to dream of? And you are in the process of moving rooms around. And leave my house if you can't be nice. Under what circumstances did you think I wanted you here. Go home.
Dennis said…
Yes my house is a mess and may be even a little dirty but I like it that way so if you don't like it get out before "Hagar" comes out of the closet. We keep him in there so he won't scare rude, uninvited children.
Jerilyn said…
Blow dart to the neck.