Day 15 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and we're almost halfway done with it

A bucket full of pictures for you today, for there is much I need to discuss with the blogging world. To keep my focus on what I would like to say, I'm making list (purely for my own benefit, so I don't get distracted and forget what I have planned to talk about and to remind me not to go yammering off on tangents, which I am likely to do. Half my blog posts end up being about something else entirely than what I had planned to say. Um, like this) or I suppose you could call it an agenda.

2. Birthday wrap-up, if any
3. Update on the not-the-sewing-room-anymore
4. Katie

The HDSF today will focus on FUTURE Halloween decorations (worry not--I haven't run out of actual decorations. I just thought I would focus on these today because I just got them out last night. They've sat in a basket for at least a year. Poor lonely decorations!).

These are all waiting to be framed or made into pillows or, in one case, actually finished. I started the needlepunch witch hat last night (I FINISHED MATT'S ALIEN HEAD SCARF!) and need to fill in the background. The Yikes will make a good pillow. The other three things will need actual frames. Don't know what to do with the needlepunch thing. Frame it too?

Birthday wrap-up. Matt successfully turned 10. Secret admission: when he was little I was afraid for him. He always seemed like such a fragile little thing--the eczema, the asymmetrical head, the lack of speech for a few years, his smallness--and I wondered if he would be with us for long. Something about him seemed different. I don't think that "different-ness" is there anymore. I don't know what it was, but I am relieved that he has made it to his tenth birthday.

This is what happens when you leave for half an hour to pick up the cross country runner and you leave the paint out in the open--Cookie monster sneezes in the room. Can you hear me slap my forehead? Now, I fully intended for her to paint the polka dots. JUST NOT ALL OVER THE ROOM. I wanted the dots to be confined to the dark green with maybe JUST A FEW on the light green. But I wasn't home to give her direction. Oh well, I'm not Martha Stewart and the walls can be sanded and painted over when she gets older. Right? Please assure me that my life will not end because of extreme dottiness! At least someone is happy with it.

Katie. Oops, I have no time to hunt down the pictures she emailed me. I'll have to post them later. Must make cinnamon rolls now.


Dennis said…
The polka dots look great. Don't worry, with time they will go away one way or another. Jessie had clouds on her wall and then I got the bright idea to glue cork on the wall so she could tack up all of her thingys. DON'T EVER GLUE CORK ON THE WALL!!
I really like all of your Halloween ddecorations. Are the others in your family as crazed about the event as you?
I long for news about Katie.
I leave today for a few days with Mike and girls. We are going fishing on Lake Michigan and I'm sure I will get to taste his fresh kill.
Jen said…
Ooh, such fancy decorations and that cake looks delish. What is it supposed to be? Did you already send my piece in the mail?

Happy Birthday to Matt! We hope he had a wonderful time and that all his wishes did or will come true. I'm glad he's still with us, too:)

I think the polky dots are very cute. You won't have to see much of them, and, yes, you can easily paint over it later. I did polky dots in Annie's room when we were in NC. I, too, confined them to the lower half of the walls. We did a grassy green bottom, lavender on top, and then fuschia polky dots on the green. The plan was to coordinate with her quilt that I made (by I, I mean Kathy and Jenni Smith both helped me a lot).

Ha, ha, glued cork board on the walls. Yes, I can imagine that would cause quite the damage to the walls. See you tonight, Dennis.
The cake was SUPPOSED to be a monster rising up out of a pond with two lily pads. I don't know how successful I was at creating it, but I only really cared whether Matt would like it. And he did.
CindyInSanJose said…
What a great photo of Matt and his birthday cake! I know about those secret fears that mother's have and I'm glad you are feeling better about yours.

As for the polka dots, the voice of experience says to start saving your change and when it's time, have the room re-textured and then paint it however you like.
tate said…
Wow...the sewing room is slowly turning into the not sewing room...where are you keeping your sewing supplies?
Jake said…
Hayley looks mighty proud of a job well done. I'm sure she will enjoy her dotted-ness for quite some time to come. Happy Birthday, MATT! Sara, Matt's cake reminded me of the creature (cartoon-generated) from the Holy Grail that attacks them in the cave. The eyes on your cake were reminiscent of the eyes on that monster. Only, the grail monster had many more eyes so there would not have been hot chocolate surprise to be made so as to not waste 1/2 a marshmallow.