Day 12 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and the trees are SO colorful this year

Today's decoration is a cross stitch that I did. I made this one up--sort of. I combined three different patterns to make this. The ghost and the fence were originally three ghosts holding toast on the fence. I didn't want three ghosts holding toast, but I really liked the opaque look of the fence seen through the ghost's legs. I found a cat pattern and adjusted it so it was standing on two different levels and then found a pumpkin. It had a happy face but I just turned that smile upside down (and made the world a sadder place...).

Every year, this framed piece sits on the thermostat. The stupid thermostat is in a very obvious and irritating place on the wall and makes it difficult to decorate the wall in a pleasing fashion, so I make it hold up the Halloween trio during October and another framed art piece during Christmas.

This year, the autumn colors have been unbelievably bright. It seems like in past years, either the wind blew all the leaves off the trees immediately, or the trees wimped out and produced muddy colors. This year, they are almost electric, especially on sunny days.

I took these pictures on a walk to school with Matt. I had a parent teacher conference with his teacher and I thought that walking to school would be a fun thing to do.

I guess he thought so too.


froggybaby said…
I have always loved that x-stitch. Wonderful art. And great artistry in the fall foliage. I MISS NORTHERN AUTUMNS!!! really bad. Matt seemed to be very excited on the walk. Hopefully he got it all out before school.
Jen said…
Looks like a lot of work went into that Halloween prettification. Very nice. I've been noticing the fall colors here, too. We sure have missed out these past years in the south; sorry, Jenni:( Ha, ha, Matt will never change will he?