Day 14 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature (a bit late) and Matt's cake

Just a quick update. And as long as I'm updating with a picture of Matt's cake, I might as well do the Halloween Decoration Special Feature. This is a magnificent Tic-Tac-Toe Board made by seester Jen. She performs magic with a brush and paint. Check out the cute ghosties and candy corns made with egg-shaped wood pieces! The kids can't wait to get this out every Halloween and play the game.

This is Matt and his cake. It is supposed to be a monster emerging from a pond. Notice the two lily pads (a requirement, according to Matt)
He loved the cake. I got carpal tunnel from dotting the monster's head with pea rock sized dots of brown frosting that frankly looked like dry cat food pellets when I piped them on. The eyes are made out of halved marshmallows. Sidenote: since there are three halves of marshmallow on the cake, I had an extra half of a marshmallow leftover. What to do??? Make hot cocoa. I made a cuppa for myself just because I had a half a marshmallow left over. Finding one's self with a leftover half a marshmallow is a perfectly acceptable reason to make and consume hot cocoa.


Karie said…
"Finding one's self with a leftover half a marshmallow is a perfectly acceptable reason to make and consume hot cocoa."

That it is.
froggybaby said…
There's my cute tic-tac-toe game!! The cake is fabulous. What a grand creation. You always do such fun cakes!!
Jake said…
Sara, I finally went to "Cake Wrecks" last night. BTW, yers does not fall into any of her categories. But it certainly was an amusing time looking at all the wrecks. Did you get yer meat? Tell Matt, Feliz cumpleanyos! (couldn't find the tilde or the upside down exclamation point for that matter, but pronunciation should not be sacrificed).

Yet I babble. I liked her style, her wit and her sarcasm. There was a comment she made in one of her posts to a Marissa H. Don't know if Dave's Marissa visits, but t'would be interesting to find out.

Enjoy the roasting of roast meat.
Jen said…
Now I see what the cake is (I saw your later post first). Very cute, and you are such a good mom for taking the time to do all that.

That tic/tac/toe game is adorable.

You have the patience of a saint because that marshmallow would have gotten eaten before I could've thought of hot cocoa.
I don't like raw marshmallows.
Jessie said…
that cake is AWESOME, Sara!